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We offer telecom platform for bulk SMS, WhatsApp, and online verification codes (Virtual Numbers). You can create an account for free and choose the service you want and the package that suits your business case.

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We cover most of the countries around the world. Our main focus is Asia (starting with China) and Europe (Starting with France). We have deliver our service to almost 200 countries and territories.

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Our comprehensive platform offers you the biggest collection of supported protocols and programming languages to make your life easier: SMPP. CMPP. JAVA. HTTP. API. JSON. cURL.

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Our company is registered in Croatia under the number AG774****. Our headquarters are in Paris, France. We are happy to sponsor your visit to our offices whenever needed. Let's first pray that COVID-19 is not a danger anymore.

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Yes, we offer a reseller panel. When you get it you can manage your own customers, you can put your business name and logo.
Contact our sales agent to discuss more details.

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We offer difference packages with difference prices. We cannot treat customers who pay thousands of dollars the same way we treat those who may in hundreds. For this reason, we created a smart pricing model which makes a discount each time you increase the quantity.

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According to our refund policy, you are allowed to ask for a full money return within 3 days of your payment. We will not ask you any questions, and your money will be credited to you in full upon your request.

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We do not charge you for the failed messages. At the end of each day, we will return the cost of all non-delivered messages to your balance, this guarantees that you only pay for what is delivered, and never waste a penny again!

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Our service empowers you to control the sender ID (SMS title) of the messages you send. For example, you can send promotional messages from Amazon, or bank transaction notifications from HSBC. You can always add a fun name to the SMS title or even use your own brand name as the sender. No special documents required.

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Are you ready to grow faster?

Start using SMSLOTS immediately. Our services are not limited to bulk SMS, you can use our WhatsApp Business Suite, or Virtual Number service or even rent our Cloud Platform. Grow your business today..

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Main features
SMSLOTS provides you with high-quality services at very low prices. Any developer does not have to compromise and choose between cost and quality.
100% responsive

Tailored to your every telecom need.

100% scalable

You can upgrade at any time.

Built for apps

Easily integrate your application.

Easy to use

A very easy-to-use dashboard.

Multiple Countries

USA, UK, Portugal, China, Italy and many other ranges are available.

VoIP Function

You can request to enable VoIP.

Cooperation with finance

You can send financial transaction messages.

Suitable for gaming

We support gaming content.

SLA available

Customized SLA can be provided upon request.

We are on Skype.

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