Add Your Customer (or have them signup)

SANSA Partitions allows you to have as many customers as you want. You get a signup URL as well, which allows your customers to signup and start using your services almost immediately.


Connect To Your Providers

You can have up to 1 billion providers. Yes, that's right, adding providers is also without a limitation. Once added and connected, you will be ready to send SMS using SMPP and other major supported protocols.



Link Customer To Provider

It's the magic of SANSA Partitions, where you can sell SMS seamlessly and without any major technical experience.


Start Making Money

SANSA Partitions has a special billing module which allows you to bill your customers with flexibility and ease. You can as well choose to collect money using our online processor, 100% safe and secured by MasterCard(R).


Key Benefits Of Using SANSA Partitions

Includes but not limited to...

Having a completely and reliably controlled SMS platform

Being able to connect to as many providers as needed

Having the ability to support SMPP, HTTP, API and JSON

Generating reports upon request with extreme speed

Having a smart, flexible routing and billing modules

A must have feature is also included

Full Support System

Your SANSA Partitions is equipped with a fine and smart technical support system which enables you to provide a seamless experience to your customers..


Allow your customers to send you a private ticket (maybe with their sensitive data) and ask for help.


Your customers as well as potential buyers can create a public topic to get in touch with you and each other.


A comprehensive knowledge base can extremely reduce number of support request and save your valuable time.


A comprehensive list of frequently asked questions included for you to provide answers to your customers.

People Management

All your customers and providers in one place. It is your own CRM built into your own SMS platform.

Connections & Protocols

A state of the art backend which will allow you to manage unlimited SMPP, HTTP and JSON connections.

A Dashboard Like no Other

It's your welcome page, where you can see the numbers and info that matters the most to you.

Bulk SMS Campaign

Create bulk SMS campaigns very quickly with our awesome campaign manager.

Service Desk

SANSA comes with a built-in service desk. You will be able to answer support from your clients directly using this interface.

Mobile Friendly

You don't need a PC to access your account. This platform is mobile compatible with amazing design.

Reports. All Kinds of Reports

SANSA offers you a dozen sets of reports and statistics pages. You can easily analyze your business performance and take the right decisions.

Get Sign Ups

You will have your own URL, which means you can promote it and get your customers to sign up. Everything is automated.

Reseller Panel

Yes, you can have your own resellers. A reseller is someone who has clients and wants to manage them. You can have as much resellers as you want.

Get Paid

Your customers can pay you directly using our payment engine. SANSA is a one-stop solution.

Manage Your Finances

Since SANSA is a one-stop solution, it comes with an accounting module. This allows you to manage our payments.

Customization Available

We are happy to implement any request or feature you may need to improve your SMS business.

Try it FREE for 7 full days.

No hidden fees. No extra costs. No setup charges. You pay when you decide to.

The features you are seeing on the right are all available when you subscribe to "THE ONE" license.

After testing it fully for 7 days, you get the option to start your subscription. If you choose not to, it's totally okay.

Absolutely no commitment whatsoever. Cancel anytime.

Get started now 100% free

the one

Add Customers
Add Providers
Add Routes SMPP
Accept Customer's SMS SMPP, HTTP, JSON
Receive and Answer Support Tickets
Give Customers Their Own Panel
Accept Resellers
Give Resellers Their Own Panel
Manage Your Own Routing Smart / Complex
Manage Your Own Billing
Create Invoices for Customers
Receive Your Own Signup URL For Customers
Generate Reports
Unicode Support İyi günler, Bienvenidos, أهلا وسهلا, 欢迎 , 환영
... and much more

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers. If you have some other questions, visit the contact page.

Can I have my own customers?

Yes. With SANSA Partitions, you are able to serve your customers. Data is always encrypted. Information is secure.

Is it true that I can have multiple SMS suppliers?

Absolutely! You are free to choose your SMS suppliers, manage them, and the connections (routes) they provide to you.

Which protocols are supported?

SANSA Partitions support SMPP, HTTP, API and JSON.

What if my customers need to contact me?

SANSA Partitions is also equipped with a smart support ticketing system which allows you to serve your customers in the easiest way possible.

Can I request a standalone license of SANSA Partitions?

Yes you can. You can contact us anytime to discuss a standalone license to be deployed on or more of your own servers.

What if I pay and decide it's not for me?

Yes. We offer a moneyback guarantee if SANSA Partitions does not provide you with what you need. We are very sure that you will like it. You have 2 days after payment to request for a refund.

What If I Have A Special Request / Feature?

That would be great! Contact us to share what you have in mind and we will make sure to consider it, because you will have an awesome idea, in our next release.

Do I Get All Updates For FREE?

Yes. If you are a subscribed user, you will always get the latest version of SANSA Partitions, 100% FREE.

Can I try your service for free?

Of course! We’re happy to offer you 7 full days of trial upon sign up.